NRG Flow Campus is a community to learn, grow and develop together. We see the power in co-creation and collaboration and with that in liberating potential in our industry to create and transform. We believe in acting according to our core values and passion to make a contribution to our society in a meaningful way. 

Looking at the history of the oil and gas industry and the impact it has had outside of exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas, the responsibility of our industry gets clear. We believe in connecting people from inside and outside industry leading us to more holistic approaches towards our desired future vision. 

With the input of everybody who wants to be part of our platform, we build a community with the vision of providing the opportunity to people to find support, inspiration, help in any way to bring forward their organisation and vision of transforming the way of doing business.


​We see the power in co-creation and collaboration, creating a

dialogue to integrate, include and inspire, a transformational energy hub around valves technology and supply chain solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. A growing network creates the power and the momentum for transformation. We host get-togethers, roundtables and events on a regular basis to stay connected, energised and creative in our approaches. Inspire and be inspired. 

Next event coming up spring/summer 2021. 

NRG Flow Campus Event; TheNetherlands, 2018

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