NRG Ignite believes in an unified network of purposeful organizations who will be the driving force behind the transformation of the Oil & Gas industry

Our Purpose

We are the energy that inspires purposeful collaboration, with the mission to create a connected ecosystem of customers and suppliers around the world.


This translates into an ecosystem of committed and dedicated suppliers and customers who learn and develop together, and by doing so create the skills of adaptability and resilience that serve mutual success in an ever more dynamic world.

New Energy for a Power-Shifted World

How Dutch Company “NRG Circles” is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

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Shaping the future

" the new age of oil and gas, functional excellence will not be sufficient. Companies now need to build operating models that enable value chain agility and fast responsiveness to market fluctuations."

Source: ‘Oil and Gas: The need for change in 2021’ - Muqsit Ashraf​, Senior Managing Director at Accenture

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