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We help Oil & Gas companies to unlock the potential of the valve supply chain to reduce life cycle costs, emissions and to increase agility and uptime. Delivery reliability, speed, response time and safety are basically things we expect from each other when parties work together. Unfortunately, that is not always the daily experience. The spiral that has arisen focuses on purchase price, but often leaves out the many indirect costs. Your decision should be based on the value that you get for it over its entire operating life. That is why our model of high quality valve solutions, performance excellence and personal customer relationships, embedded in a concrete relational contracting framework allows your supply chain to contribute to the solution. The basis of our relational contracting framework agreement is to manage the relationship. In practice this means a dynamic agreement based on a clear intention, a shared vision and guiding principles. It is about creating a context of transparency and trust. Together we unlock potential from workflow simplification to standardisation and from life cycle impacts to fugitive emission integrated solutions. The goal is to make your supply chain an organic part of your operational excellence, while clearly contributing to your financial and non-financial objectives.

Quality Valve Supply

Best value for money 

Let’s talk opportunity

Solutions from a bigger picture

One thing leads

to another

Collaboration as a service

Gas Plant
Gas Plant

1. Quality Valve Supply

We take high end valve manufacturers and work collaboratively with them on selecting and supplying the best solutions for your application. The right specification, the right time, the proper legal documentation and installation instructions.

2. Best value for money 

We have learnt that the definition of lowest cost is not usually the lowest priced valve.  Things like uptime, duration, downtime and disposal should also be taken into consideration. 

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3. Let’s talk opportunity

We know our industry is under pressure. We simply have to start that conversation. We use a concrete Collaborative Relationship Framework (CRF) model to show benefits. By using the CRF model, many opportunities reveal themselves. Total reductions in LCC, downtime, emissions, engineering costs and financial costs can be realised. Availability and predictability are increased. 

4. Collaboration as a service

Let’s work and grow together. We would love to team up! Together we will find so many reasons why this is the best solution. As a team, we can optimise your supply chain, using a mind-set and foundation of trust, transparency and compatibility. 

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5. Solutions from a

bigger picture

With a focus on strategic outcomes, and improving the LCC of your valve application, new insights and unidentified needs come to light.  


Use the power of your supply chain to create LCC solutions and start continuous improvement opportunities together for strategic items like: product standardisation, inventory models, workflow optimisations and process emissions integrity.

These release the benefits of a wider perspective and new solutions for your operations!

6. One thing leads to another

By eliminating inefficiencies, we can save time, reduce spend, and prevent environmental and process waste. This allows for new creativity and innovation!

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